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Saturn Region Patcher v3.0 Gold Edition (What's new)



This tool is a Saturn Region Patcher (SRP) for Sega Saturn images.

What you must know about it:

- Works only on Windows
- Developed in VB.NET so you need the .NET Framework v1.1 installed
- Virtually works with all formats of image files. If you find one that doesn't work, please let me know
- You can patch your image with any area codes, despite Sega only use JTU after some times to determine the country
- Area codes will always be patched in this order: J-T-U-B-K-A-E-L to be compliant with the rule (so if you want U & J for your image, it will be patched to JU & not UJ)
- There is a limit for the number of area codes you want to put on an image. This limit is written in the "maximum" box. When you have checked a number of checkboxes equal to the limit, all the other checkboxes become disabled. To enable them again, just uncheck one checkbox.
- This limit is due to the fact that there are some data just after the last area code in the 2nd sector (where they are in format like "For JAPAN"). The limit avoids the replacement of those data with extra area codes.

If you like it, post it everywhere you can :)

If you find any bugs or have any improvements you want me to add, feel free to e-mail me at madroms<at>free<dot>fr (feedbacks are also welcomed).

2009-08-23 - v3.0 Gold Edition is out

What's new:

SRP now works under Windows Vista.
SRP now reconstructs the EDC and ECC fields automatically for RAW Mode images. So no need to use CDmage anymore.
SRP allows direct drag and drop for CD images.
SRP lets you change the header for first and third party. It is only useful for people that own a Sega Saturn boot disc.
SRP links to 2 different databases: the old tech db (that has been migrated from to and the games and demos database. I continue to work on each database (the project is NOT over) but I didn't updated the online db yet (at the date of the release of SRP v3.0GE).



Download SRP v3.0 Gold Edition



SRP v3.0GE Screenshot



Older versions of SRP

Information for V2.1a:

If you patch an image in raw mode, you could have some problems when burning it: the original region code could replaced the one you chose when you applied the patch. This is due to the burning software you use to burn the modified image. It automatically corrects the errors found in the ecc fields. To avoid that, you have two solutions:

1) use a burning software which allow burning without correcting errors:
 - with Alcohol 120%: choose "Writing method" = "DAO/SAO" and check "Bypass EFM Error"
 - with Nero: this burning software automatically corrects the errors, so you can't use it in this case
 - with CloneCD: there is a specific checkbox but it seems it doesn't work as expected

2) use CDmage (Download it from my site: v1.02.1 B5 or v1.01.5) to rebuild the ecc fields. After you applied the patch with SRP, just follow these steps:
  01/ Install CDmage where you want on your harddrive and launch it.
  02/ Open you image with CDmage. For bin/cue and CloneCD images, do not choose the .BIN file in the open dialog box but choose the .CUE or .CCD file instead. Also, CDmage doesn't work with Alcohol 120% .MDF/.MDS and DiscJuggler .CDI v4 images.
  03/ Select the "Sector Browser" option in the View Menu (Picture #01).
  04/ Select the "Scan For Corruption" option in the Action Menu (Picture #02).
  05/ In the dialog box, choose "Sector range" from 150 to 151 (Picture #03) then click the Scan button.
  06/ You will get this dialog box (Picture #04) telling you there are 2 corrupted sectors.
  07/ In the sector browser, select the 2 lines that appeared in the Errors tab then Right click on them and choose "Rebuild Sector Fields..." option (Picture #05).
  08/ In the next dialog box, verify that all the box are checked (Picture #06) then click the OK button.
  09/ You will get this dialog box (Picture #07) telling you cdmage successfully rebuilt 2 sectors.
  10/ Now you can close CDmage and burn your newly modified image with your favorite burning software without any problem.

2006-08-04 update: v2.1a is out

What's new:

Added 2 internal controls for:
  - CDs burnt/mounted with DCP flags
  - RAW patched image mounted to a virtual drive

Just modified a little bit the proposed filename when exporting to text file.

1) Ability to check your Saturn CD directly from a CD/DVD Drive.

2) Full Header is now view-able

3) Cd Label is also view-able

4) Number of Tracks is view-able from a Saturn CD (not from a Saturn Image, but check the Hint at point 5)

5) Ability to export information to a text file. Three type of exports are possible:
  - Standard Export: Only the most useful information
  - Extended Export: Standard export + Full Header
  - Full Export: Extended Export + Table of Content
The Full Export is only available when reading header directly from a Saturn CD.

Hint: to get the Full Export available for Saturn image, just mount your image on a virtual drive and re-open SRP => The virtual drive will be available from the list of CD/DVD Drive ;)

For future use or if you plan to send to me the exported TXT file, they are 2 things to do:
  - Every time, use the Full Export option
  - Don't forget to fill the 2 blank records: "CD Made in" and "Matrix Information"
"CD Made in": just fill in the country/area where the CD has been made. Where to look for such a thing ? => just look at your CD, on the cover art side. You will probably see something like "MADE IN USA" or "EU" or "JAPAN" or "IRELAND"... This is what I need. If this information is not available on the CD, just fill the line with "Unknown".
"Matrix Information" = Numbers and Letters written on the inner serial of the CD. All characters and space are very important (for example, thin space must be reported as little as it is, but multi-space could be trim to one space only).
Here are some example of Matrix Information:
    T-6802GP-00759-P1C V IFPI L231 [2do Arukotoha Sand-R JPN]
    T-21301GP-00744 1M1 C 63 IFPI L223 [3x3 Eyes ~Kyuusei Kousyu~ S CD1 JPN]
    *17S* T-9705H IFPI L433 EA [Area 51 USA]
    IFPI L238 SATURNT5703H P3H 13 [Bases Loaded '96 - Double Header USA]
    T-12305HP-01630 A 12345 [Actua Soccer Club Edition EUR]

For more information about the Matrix, just read the Help file of my Database (Offline at the moment).

6) Ability to check my Database directly from SRP (not available at the moment): you can check if I already have the information for the game you test on my Database.
Also, you can easily check if you have a converted image: with the direct link to my Database, you could have 2 cases:
  - Some entries found => just compare the area codes on SRP with the ones filled on the Database for each entry found
  - No entry found => perform a search on the Database with the title of your tested game and check for the area codes for each entry found, then compare them with the ones on your image.
In this second case, if I have some missing information, you can't directly know if your image has been converted. So you can export to TXT file all the information and send them to me (contact me first by using the contact forum on the site); or you could wait until I will update my Database with new entries filled.

7) Corrected some minor issues and changed some captions.



WARNING!: v2.1a does not work under Win98 and, maybe, could only works under Windows XP
Thanks to SegNin for telling me it does not work under Win98SE, due to some functions not implemented in the kernel32.dll of this OS.
You can always download v1.1 which works very well on Win98. The link is at the bottom of the page.
Also, if it works well on some Windows OS, just let me know, so I can make a compatibility list. Thanks.
And don't forget you need the .NET Framework v1.1 installed ;)



Download SRP v2.1a



SRP Screenshot



And here is a sample of the exported text file for Virtual Kyoutei with the Full Export Option:

Saturn TXT Export by SRP v2.1a using "Full Export" option

Header Information Taken From a Saturn CD :

Game Title : VIRTUAL KYOUTEI                                                                                                 
Manufacturer ID : SEGA TP T-71
Serial Number : T-7101G
Version : V1.004
Internal Date : 19961117
Device Information : CD-1/1
Area Code(s) : J
Peripheral Code(s) : JE
Total Number of Tracks : 31
Total Number of Data Tracks : 1
Total Number of Audio Tracks : 30
Creation Date : 1996/11/17
Creation Time : 00:01:02:03
Modification Date : 1996/11/17
Modification Time : 00:01:02:03

Manually Added Information (Found Directly on the CD) :
CD Made In : JAPAN
Matrix Information : T-7101GP-01185 A

Full Header :

T-7101G   V1.00419961117CD-1/1  
J               JE              
VIRTUAL KYOUTEI                 

Table of Content :

Track 01 :      Data Mode 1     LBA : 0    (sector : 150)
Track 02 :         Audio        LBA : 9974    (sector : 10124)
Track 03 :         Audio        LBA : 21061    (sector : 21211)
Track 04 :         Audio        LBA : 30999    (sector : 31149)
Track 05 :         Audio        LBA : 43194    (sector : 43344)
Track 06 :         Audio        LBA : 54741    (sector : 54891)
Track 07 :         Audio        LBA : 55344    (sector : 55494)
Track 08 :         Audio        LBA : 56156    (sector : 56306)
Track 09 :         Audio        LBA : 57226    (sector : 57376)
Track 10 :         Audio        LBA : 57794    (sector : 57944)
Track 11 :         Audio        LBA : 58481    (sector : 58631)
Track 12 :         Audio        LBA : 59279    (sector : 59429)
Track 13 :         Audio        LBA : 60314    (sector : 60464)
Track 14 :         Audio        LBA : 72502    (sector : 72652)
Track 15 :         Audio        LBA : 83450    (sector : 83600)
Track 16 :         Audio        LBA : 88428    (sector : 88578)
Track 17 :         Audio        LBA : 89811    (sector : 89961)
Track 18 :         Audio        LBA : 91536    (sector : 91686)
Track 19 :         Audio        LBA : 92968    (sector : 93118)
Track 20 :         Audio        LBA : 95069    (sector : 95219)
Track 21 :         Audio        LBA : 96710    (sector : 96860)
Track 22 :         Audio        LBA : 98309    (sector : 98459)
Track 23 :         Audio        LBA : 116801    (sector : 116951)
Track 24 :         Audio        LBA : 117453    (sector : 117603)
Track 25 :         Audio        LBA : 118809    (sector : 118959)
Track 26 :         Audio        LBA : 123404    (sector : 123554)
Track 27 :         Audio        LBA : 125324    (sector : 125474)
Track 28 :         Audio        LBA : 125934    (sector : 126084)
Track 29 :         Audio        LBA : 126607    (sector : 126757)
Track 30 :         Audio        LBA : 140153    (sector : 140303)
Track 31 :         Audio        LBA : 140701    (sector : 140851)
Lead Out :                      LBA : 152676    (sector : 152826)
Last sector : 152825




Old Version: Download SRP v1.1




Saturn Complete Games and Demos Database v0.86




This database will be a complete database of every games and demos released for Sega Saturn around the world. I have already collected related informations for more than two years. This is a long work and is still in progress.


Each entry represents a unique cd you could find. So, for a three cds games, you will find 3 entries. You could also find 2 or more entries for the same cd, it is the case when a game got an internal revision (for example, you could check Albert Odyssey USA: there are 2 entries, one with version 1.010 and one with version 1.100). Also, in Japan, the Satakore re-releases & limited editions are, most of the time, identical to the normal release of the game, in term of data written on the cd. So you will not find multiple entries for them in my database.


Here is the information provided for each entry in the database:
- The title
- The original country
- The title in japanese when the entry is a japanese product
- The internal serial number (the one found in the header of the cd)
- The internal version
- The internal date
- The numer of total tracks found on the cd
- The number of data tracks found on the cd
- The number of audio tracks found on the cd
- The internal country codes
- The internal peripheral codes
- The internal creation date
- The internal creation time
- The internal modification date

- The internal modification time
- Some comments


For more detail, please check this help.


You could find the database in 2 form: a huge html file or a php page with multi-criteria search function. Also, in this latter form, each entry have a link which connect it to the database of




PHP Database (Offline at the moment)   -   HTML Database